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Welcome to Ask Allea

Allea Grummert // Ask Allea - Millennial Money Answers

“Whatever your situation, I'm glad you're here.

Where you are with your money, right now, matters.

The goals you set matter. 

The fact that you’re always growing and becoming matters. 

What you choose to do with your money — starting now — will affect Future You. 

You can start fresh today.”



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Allea Grummert // Ask Allea - Millennial Money Answers

The goal of Ask Allea is to bring money questions to the surface, answered with hard truth, actionable steps and a dose of sass.

Intended for recent college grads, young professionals and the curious mind in need of some support when it comes to understanding money, Ask Allea values:

  • Freedom to ask questions
  • Budgeting and setting goals that make sense for you
  • Personal accountability for one's situation and taking steps to improve it
  • Seeking balance between responsibility and life's most precious experiences



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