You know how they say,


“You'll know that you’re good at something when people constantly ask you questions about it”?

If someone mentions the word “budget,” I’m all, “Oh, oh! Let me help you!” With everyone. Without warning. Because they asked.

Since I’m already talking about money with my friends, why not make these discussions public? So, here you are, on this site, where all my thoughts — my “answers” — reside.

Since December 2012, I’ve had quite the love-affair with personal finance: reading, listening, asking. And I've been debt-free since March 2018 — paying off over $30,000 in debt in six years on one income.


Let's build a better relationship with money.


Maybe your parents never talked about money.

Maybe you’ve gotten into some steep credit card debt and feel like you're drowning.

Maybe you’re under the weight of crushing student loan debt.

Maybe money makes you mad, sad or straight-up paralyzed in fear.


Whatever your situation, I'm glad you're here.

Where you are with your money, right now, matters.

The goals you set matter.

The fact that you’re always growing and becoming matters.

What you choose to do with your money — starting now — will affect Future You. 

You can start fresh today.

Money doesn’t have to be scary — and living within your means doesn’t have to suck.

Let’s do this together.


Five fun facts


01 | My Nebraska hometown is 0.2 square miles. That’s it.

02 | I have no sense of smell. Ever. (But I promise I can taste!)

03 | My full name is Allison Lea, which is why I spell my nickname Allea (though pronounced like “Allie”).

04 | I didn’t learn to fry an egg or properly make a pancake until I was 22. And I almost burned down the house.

05 | I studied abroad in London for 4 months, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.



Here at Ask Allea, I value



Know your income. Know your expenses. Put your goal-setting to the test. Prioritize what matters most to you. Allow yourself some fun. Live your life. Be responsible. Prepare for the unexpected. Think long-term.

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How To Use Mint To Manage Your Budget Better

Perks of Paying Off Debt Fast

Living within your means

It can be as simple as that: don’t spend more than what you have.

Personal accountability

Track your expenses: no one else will watch your bank accounts for you. 

Find Out Where Your Money Is Going

Know yourself and when to say “no.”

Setting priorities

I hate to break it to you: most of us can’t have everything we want. That’s why prioritizing is important. You get to define what’s most important to you. Your money and lifestyle is ultimately a reflection of your highest priorities.

Choose Your Own Adulthood

The Lifestyle That Allowed Me to Pay Off Over $30,000 of Debt in 6 Years

Good habits

Understanding your habits is as formative to your financial health as it is for your physical health. Just like you’d go to the gym a few times a week or avoid fast food restaurants, make it a habit to check your bank accounts or avoid visiting the mall when you’re bored.

11 Practical (Non-Couponing) Ways to Save Money on Food

Goal setting

Define where you want to be: professionally, spiritually, physically, financially. By writing these down, you’re one step closer to making them happen — now hold yourself accountable, or find someone who will. 

Setting Financial Goals That Make Sense for You

How I Paid Off Over $12,800 in Loan Debt in One Year (Both Car + Student Loans!)

Maximizing experiences

Spending money is not the only way to happiness, and it certainly can’t guarantee it. I’m all about living well within my limited means of time, energy and money. Sometimes it’s worth paying for convenience; sometimes it’s worth driving to the library for free entertainment. Make choices with your time and money that reflect your larger goals.

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4 Reasons Why I Care About Money


There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with spending money or owning things. Find the balance in your own life. You can be frugal and still spend money wisely.

Choose Your Own Adulthood 

Find the Balance: Pay Down Your Debt & Still Have a Life

I don’t think you need to stop living your life to pay down your debt. But you do need to own up to what you can afford and know when you need to say “no.” Set a budget that’ll tackle your debt but also let you breathe and have a little fun.

Money isn’t everything

My interest in money isn’t for the sake of getting rich. I don't think money will solve all of our problems, but being smart with our money can help eliminate a lot of them. 

Measuring Your Quality of Life: It’s Not All Dollars & Cents


You don’t have to have it all to be happy. You don’t have to get rid of it all to be happy either. I believe actual happiness — and deep contentment — isn’t found in looking at our bank accounts or belongings. 

For me, contentment comes from knowing Jesus Christ and faith in His promises. Nothing compares to the peace and satisfaction I have in Him. My faith influences my money, my relationships and how I spend my time.


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