The money struggle is real.


Life looks different when it comes to finances.

Money touches everything we do (or refrain from doing), and — as scary as it might sound — it directly affects where you’ll be 5 or 10 years from now.

You have fears. You have questions.

I'm drowning in student loan debt.
I'd like to buy a house someday.
I feel like I'm living by someone else’s rules for where my money should go.
Where will I find more money?
No one ever taught me how to budget — how much, and for what?

There are hundreds of blogs and books dedicated to the topic of money, but that doesn't cure the anxiety that sits in your chest — that sinking feeling that money is too stressful or too hard or too confusing. 

Follow along. I'll explain.


Money woes will not win.


I don't think money will solve all of our problems, but being smart with our money can help eliminate a lot of them. 

What you want is a game plan. You want to dream big and know that it's achievable.

You want relief from all that is money and the asteroid-sized burden it creates in your life.

I don't want you to avoid money or to be scared of it. It can be a liberating feeling when you remove the stress the world imposes on our idea of money.

But in reality: Money a tool, and you get to decide how to use it. It's up to you where your money will go.


I'll help.


My one-on-one coaching sessions provide you with a simple, judgment-free zone where you can ask questions, share your concerns, dream big and walk away with a game plan for what your money will look like from here on out.

It's not too late. It's never too late. The sooner, the better.

Let's make your game plan. It’s technically a “budget,” but don’t freak out — budgets are great, once you realize you’re in control.

You won't follow my personal budget — it’s my personal budget for a reason. Instead, we’ll make a plan based on what YOU want and what you can honestly, truly, actually afford.


Let’s Chat: Personal Coaching Session


This is your chance: let's talk one-on-one and make a game plan.

I want to hear about your situation: your concerns, your goals, your questions.

Not only will I share with you the tools for successfully managing your money, we'll create your budget based on your goals and your income. Then, you'll be set. Walking through it step-by-step — and you taking my advice to heart and seeing how it can work for you — will boost your confidence tenfold when it comes to money.

Let's make a game plan: a solution.

We can do that. We can get you there.

What you'll get from a Coaching Session:

Starter Homework

  • You’ll gather your personal *numbers* before we meet. This is the first step in making a game plan: knowing where your money is currently going. I can’t know if you spend $300 or $3000 on rent unless you tell me.
  • Your Starter Homework has a list of all sorts of things you’re probably spending money on. It’s meant to get an estimate of what your income and expenses look like. Just fill it in with your best guesses.
  • Oh, and there’s a whole section to write out your goals. That’s right, that’s the part where you aim high and we work hard to get there.
  • Before we meet, you’ll get a head start on setting up That’s my money management site of choice — plus, it’s free.

1-Hour Consultation (In-Person, Online or Phone)

  • We'll review your Starter Homework and look over your customized spreadsheet to get a good look at your spending.
  • Learn my favorite method for budgeting.
  • We’ll make your budget. That’s right, your budget. It won’t be scary because it’ll be your budget based on what you want most. (So yeah, you can still have your fancy coffees and vacations and concerts and new clothes. I like those things too.)
  • We’ll enter your budget into I’ll show you how to update categories, adjust budgets, as well as my tips for staying on top of all of my purchases and transactions.

Follow-Up Emails

  • After we meet, I’ll send you a two emails with follow-up tasks and questions to make sure you’re implementing what we talked about. I want to see your progress, and that means encouraging you along the way!

Intangible Benefits

  • Peace of Mind
  • Actual Numbers in your Budget
  • Confidence


I offer a limited number of coaching sessions each month.


I’m ready, are you?


Let’s Chat: Personal Coaching Session


Cost: $80

  • Includes:
    • Starter Homework PDF
    • Starter Homework Spreadsheet
    • 1-Hour Consultation
      • Online
      • In-Person (Lincoln, Nebraska, only)
    • Customized and Manageable Budget
    • How-To on Using
    • Follow-Up Emails (Both within 3 weeks following Consultation)


What does Valerie say?

ask allea testimonial - valerie

"When I asked Allea to help me with figuring out my finances, I wanted an "easy button" to just arrive a the place where everything made sense to me. Allea spent 3 hours* in a coffeeshop helping me understand general budgeting concepts (for right now AND for the future) and how to use Mint without wanting to throw it out the window. By the end of the afternoon, everything was set up and ready for me to use correctly each month.

The most valuable aspect (and what I'd recommend paying the money for in an of itself) is the fact that she TEACHES you how to take control of your financial life, not just show you it's possible. Since Allea and I met, I've gotten engaged and am now teaching my fiancé the same principles that she taught me. Her strategy and approach stretch over any life-stage and really build a great foundation for life."

Valerie Schwarting

*You know, before I started setting up some actual boundaries on my schedule...


My Promise


We will work together. It’ll take us both to come up with a great budget for you.

However, if you truly dive in and apply what I’ve offered you — in the form of resources, guidance and practical application — and it doesn’t make you feel better about your money within 30 days, then I’ll offer you a 100% refund.

I’ll need to see that you’ve made an effort to apply all that we’ve discussed, but if you’re still unhappy, please let me know.


Still struggling to decide whether a coaching session is for you?

Give yourself the permission to ask for help. I’m here to help.

The sooner we come up with a game plan, the sooner you’ll be able to worry less about your money. Find relief.

A coaching session would be great for you if:

  • You use credit cards or you use cash or you use both
  • You have credit card debt or student loan debt or a mortgage or all of the above
  • You have dreams and need to see a light at the end of the tunnel, even if the tunnel is long and dark and unknown.

Coaching sessions are great for:

  • College students
  • Recent college graduates
  • Young professionals
  • Couples

I have a desire to help.


I find that a budget is a liberating tool to help me get what I want most in life, and I want to help you get to where I am.

What may seem as a breeze for me to understand about money was at some point taught, read and learned. And I want to pass this on to you — the bits, pieces and tricks I use.

I don’t have a degree in finance or the brain of a genius. I’m an ordinary small town gal from Nebraska.

Let me walk you through how I got here. It’s not more than you can handle. Trust me.

We’re in this together,