Let's Chat: Personal Coaching Session

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Let's Chat: Personal Coaching Session


This Coaching Session Includes:

  • Starter Homework PDF
  • Starter Homework Spreadsheet
  • 1-Hour Consultation
    • Online
    • In-Person (Lincoln, Nebraska, only)
  • Customized and Manageable Budget
  • How-To on Using Mint.com
  • Follow-Up Emails (Both within 3 weeks following Consultation)



I am not a certified financial planner, an accountant or tax professional. I'm a budgeting expert with years of successful practice and instruction for others, with hopes of helping you find peace in the practice of managing your finances. 

By agreeing to partake in consultation, you agree that I am not liable for the decisions you make regarding your finances. You agree to listen to my advice, whole-heartedly learn what you can, research topics to learn more, get a second opinion if you deem it necessary and apply the personal finance methods you choose, putting your best efforts into what we're hoping to achieve.

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